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Make $100 A Day From Binary Options In Three Easy Steps

“Why Simple Trading Strategies Work…”

Not only am I going to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT, I am also going to provide you with all the resources that you need right here on this very page…!!!

YOU are a financial trader…

Dear Reader,

One of the biggest obstacles to making money from the financial markets is due to the difficulty in getting to grips with all of the many concepts that you need to learn…

Let me be honest with youtrading is difficult!

Even just getting involved with these markets it can sometimes seem like learning a whole new language!

However investing with my strategy strips trading back to its core. What is more you can make high profits in minutes…. $30, $50, $70, $100 or more! And you don’t need to learn about the markets in order to do this!

To get started there is no need for fancy charts, expensive trading software or even some overpriced automated trading robot that half the world wants to sell you that doesn’t work.

You see the concept is so simple….

You just need to look at the chart and decide if the market is moving ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ over the next few minutes.

Many of the so called ‘big financial experts’ spend hours focusing on where they think the markets will head over the next few weeks and months. They watch and study moves every minute of the day and dream up complicated strategies from which to profit. They worry about the release of economic data, political moves and the monetary policy of some far off government that most people will never have heard of… all of this to gauge the effects as to how the market will move…

However this is really all irrelevant.

You see with binary options trading you don’t’ need to concern yourself with this level of detail at all.

The key thing to understand is that you don’t have to be a financial whizz to make money. There is no need to get into the details of the markets as you would if investing in a financial asset directly.

I like simple strategies and there are none easier than those found in binary options. Let me explain….

Firstly they are understandable. Half the battle in making money is that YOU need to understand what you are doing.

Secondly you need to have a blueprint to follow.  If you aren’t given a clearly explained path to follow then you won’t understand what you are doing… how on earth can you ever hope to succeed?

I’m going to show you a way to make money where YOU are in control. It is a plan where YOU make the decisions and importantly, you will know exactly why you are taking them.

What I am about to show you provides you with a simple blueprint. From this you can make informed decisions and make your own profits… even if you have never traded before.

  • YOU don’t need to have previous trading experience to make a profit
  • YOU don’t need to study financial markets for hours per day
  • YOU don’t need to have thousands on deposit to make a good return

‘The Binary Options Advantage’

Trading with Binary Options is relatively new. They are a simple financial trading product with an emphasis on being easy to pick-up and trade. Because of this they have become hugely popular with thousands of people from around the globe who are now using them to make exceptionally high profits from movements in financial assets…. what is more they allow these people the potential to make profits in a very short period of time!

Now that I’ve mentioned the words ‘financial’ and ‘trading’ I expect you are now thinking…

‘…well heck, this is starting to get way beyond me.’

Well don’t worry because as I said before, I like simple ways to make money that don’t occupy large amounts of my time. I’m not interested in being a whizz financial trader and looking clever just because I know all of the complicated financial terms. I just want to make money

I said it would be easy and it is….

You see with binary options all you have to do is predict if the market will move ‘higher or lower’ by the end of the contract. That is all.

Now some of you will be thinking that this sounds like the odds of ‘flipping a coin’ – well it is to some extent… But binary options’ trading has a big advantage over the coin flip.

Pay attention as this is the next important bit….

Imagine that you can ‘see‘ which side of the coin is going to end facing upwards even before it is even flipped!!!!

Suddenly your chances of winning are no longer 50:50… Instead you can call the coin flip correctly every time. This is because you can see exactly which side it is going to land!

Trading with binary options gives you this type of advantage! You only need to forecast the direction that the price of asset will head in its next move and what is more, the chart actually helps to tell you!

Making $100 per day

I’m going to show you how I use a simple strategy each day. This can pocket me $100 or more each and every trading day.

I’m not worried about the bigger picture of the markets… I don’t care about budget deficits, falling stock prices or where the Euro is headed. I’m not bogged down with technical indicators or news programs or analysts’ reports… The financial ‘whizz’s can keep all that! In fact in I don’t really want to know anything about the markets at all…

I don’t need to!

You see I don’t care about the big picture. I only need to know where the market is headed over the next few hours.

I’m even going to give you the tools you need to follow my exact moves each morning.

Let’s pick an asset… I like Forex. For those who don’t know, Forex is the name given to the Foreign Exchange markets. This is an interlinked network of exchanges where international currencies exchange hands around the clock each and every day.

Currencies are traded against each other and one of the most popularly traded pairs is the EUR/USD.

I’m going to show you how I make my money and how you can too using this devastatingly simple strategy.

What is more, once you become familiar with this it will take up no more than 10 minutes of your day.

Best of all I’m going to show you in three easy steps how you can do this right now…

Step 1 – Identify

Take a look at the following chart. This is what we will be using to easily spot our trading opportunities.


It shows the EUR/USD and the price movement of this pair over 5 minute intervals. You can see the individual ‘candles’ which show where the price moves over each five minute period. Green candles show when the price went up. Red candles show when the price went down.

So what do you know… green is good and red is bad? Wrong. OK it’s not that simple!!!

Bear with me as I want you to think of something now…

Imagine this year you have the hottest summer. It’s sweltering… every day for the last four weeks the sun has risen high in the sky and each day you’ve been able to enjoy the glorious weather.

In fact it is the best summer ever!!!

You turn on the television later that evening and guess what! The weather report forecasts sun again tomorrow!

The so called experts with their metrological stations and multi million pound satellites forecast sunshine again tomorrow… but hold on… I could have forecast that!

What happened yesterday is odds on to happen again tomorrow. The odd days where something ‘out of the ordinary happens’ are few and far between. Most days things just plod on in their main direction for minutes, hours, days, months or even years at a time!

It’s exactly the same with binary options and that is why you don’t have to be some financial guru to make good money… in fact virtually anyone can use this trading method to start to make money!

Let’s look back at the chart again. What I want to show you now are the simple rules you can use to have easily identified two winning trades on just this one currency pair in less than two hours and have pocketed $162!!!

The Trading Rules

  1. You must see three consecutive candles of the same colour (Red or Green)
  2. Trade in the direction of the movement (Green/ Higher = Call Contract – Red/ Lower = Put Contract)
  3. There must be at least 10 minutes left until the next hourly expiry (i.e. don’t place a trade after 08:50 which is set to expire at 09:00, 09:50 at 10:00 etc)
  4. Don’t trade if news is to be released while you contract is running.
  5. .. that’s it!

I told you it would be simple!

So let’s look again at the chart I showed you earlier. I have annotated this with the hourly expiry times so you can see how easy this really is!


08:00-09:00 you will notice that we don’t get three consecutive candles with the same colour… Well you can’t ‘expect the market to give you easy profits all of the time! It is important that we only trade when a strong trend emerges and the odds are in our favour. Frustrating but our time will come!

09:00-10:00 – Bam! Three red candles just after 09:00. These give us the chance to take a PUT trade that the market will finish lower by the hourly expiry at 10:00. And it does!  A Winner!

10:00-11:00 this time three green candles. We enter again, this time with a CALL trade with the anticipation of the market moving higher. It does indeed end higher at the expiry of the next hourly contract (11:00). Winner number 2!

You see it doesn’t even matter that the market I am trading is moving up or down! In fact on the first trade I profited from the market moving lower and on the second I profited from the market moving higher. So where did it end the day? To be honest I don’t care!

I can profit from both rising AND falling marketsAnd I don’t need to spend hours pretending to be a top trader to do so with binary options!

Step 2 – Validate

Strong price movements tend to perpetuate… that is once the price heads off in a direction it normally tends to continue that direction until something fundamentally changes.

Fundamental factors such as news, market updates and economic data can potentially derail a continued movement in price. As the timing of news releases can be easily checked it is worth looking to see if any news is up for release over duration of any potential opportunity you spot on the chart. For this I quickly reference an economic calendar to see what is happening.

This is a two minute check but well worth the effort.

You can find the calendar I use in the resource section at the end of this page.

My advice is that if you see news ready for release that will be announced while your contract is due to run (i.e. in the next hour) then step aside!

Step 3 – Trade!

Now you have seen how easy it is to identify profitable trading opportunities, the final thing you need to be able to do is place your trade. In keeping with the simplicity of this system placing your trade with a binary options broker is straightforward and easy to do. It is made even easier as I am going to tell you exactly how to do it!

Firstly you are going to need an account with a broker. I recommend 24OP. They are a fast growing broker that offers one of the best range of facilities for trading, What is more they will also match your first deposit by up to 75% when you open an account!

You can open an account with just a $200 deposit and furthermore I have negotiated some great bonus offers to get you started!

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  1. Login to the Platform

chart3At the main screen click ‘Binary Options’ and select the asset from the drop down box. In the example this is the EUR/USD. However the same strategy can be used to make our $100 per day from any of the assets offered! (move text below image)

  1. Select the Expiry Time


Next we need to set the time that we want the contract to expire. This is the time at which point  we need the price to be either ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ – I tend to like to set my contract to expire at the next hour. However if the trend is strong or you want to make a faster return then you can set the contract to expire at 15 minute increments.

  1. Setting up the Payout


Now I set myself up with the 81% return to win my $100. Remember that if the trend is strong then I’m only trading for 15 minutes which equates to $400 per hour!

To set yourself up to win $100 enter you investment amount. The ‘Payout’ is the amount of profit that we stand to make if the contract expires ‘in the money’.

Then once you are happy click to purchase the option.

Now all that remains is to wait until the set expiry time to see if your options have been profitable. It really is this simple to place binary contracts in with your broker!

Start Trading!


The main benefit of this strategy is that it is simple.  I said earlier that I would provide you with all the resources you need… And to keep it simple I have included them all on this very page!

First up you will need an account with a binary options broker. I’ve negotiated a top deal with one of the leading brokers to help get you started. 24Option are one of the fastest growing brokers on the internet which is testimony to both their dynamics and high levels of support.

Simply click on the image below to get started. It’s free to sign up and take a look around!



I tend to trade the four main currency pairs with this strategy to produce my results. These are the – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF as they have the higher ‘liquidity’.  You can of course trade more if you wish or even additional assets such as Gold, Silver or any of the Indices such as the DOW, FTSE or NASDAQ.

However if you stick to the suggested pairs this will give you a good starting point and all you need to make a nice bit of income each day. They have proved to be reliable  for me when trading with this simple method.

To start trading you will need to find some charts. There are plenty of places where you can go and access free charts that will provide you with this data. I have provided some resources below where you can access charts that will provide you with all you need.

Remember, you will need the chart to display Candles and 5 minute trading intervals. That is all. YOu don’t need any fancy indicators or any of the other devices that many traders preoccupy themselves with.

Some good places to get access to charts are here.

If you want to download a full charting package to your own computer then MetaTrader is a great choice. Many brokers offer access to this for free. Here’s a link to the one I use. Once registered you will get access to the charting software (Note that the demo account will generally expire after 30 day. You will need to make a small deposit to open a live account).

Checking Market News

Below the  charts you will also find the economic calendar. This you will need to reference this to check for any upcoming news which could disrupt the market while your strategies are running. If in doubt, sit out of the market… there will always be plenty of other opportunities to come along!

Good Luck and Happy Trading!